July 15, 2006

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Reprise

Lucie Arnaz has taken over the role of Muriel Eubanks formerly played by Joanna Gleason. She is great. She does a better job in the role and that's hard to do. For every performance I watched by Joanna Gleason, I never thought she was hitting her jokes.

As lovely as Ms. Gleason was as the rich and lonely divorcee, as well as she sang and danced and as charming as she was, she was dropping her jokes. You couldn't hear them. She either mumbled them or they got lost in her delivery.

Lucie Arnaz hits every joke and does everything that I thought Joanna Gleason should have been doing.

I enjoyed her very much. And I had NO idea at all that she's SUCH a good singer.

What a GREAT singing voice!!!!

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