July 27, 2006

Freckles All Over

Sunday, one of the male patrons at Sweeney Todd asked me if I had freckles all over my body.

Here's how the conversation went, as best as I can reconstruct it.

Old Guy:
"Can I have a headset?"

"Yes. I'll just need a driver's license please."

Old Guy:
"I love freckles. Do you have freckles all over your body?"

At this point, I wasn't aware that this was the beginning of a creepy flirtation between a very old man and his younger unsuspecting victim so I answered:
"Just on my face, shoulders, elbows and knees."

Old Guy:
"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Even better. I have a husband."

Mercifully, at this point another customer showed up and the gentleman went on his merry way.

After the show, the flirtation continued.

Old Guy:
"So you said you have a boyfriend."

"No. I have a husband and here he is."

That was the day Jon came to see the show and he was hanging out with me until everyone turned in their headsets.

The old guy said something complimentary to Jon and then he left.

On one hand I'm flattered because I can still turn a head but on the other hand, this reinforces the problem I was having when I was single that I could only turn a man's head if we was over 70 years of age.

I'm glad Jon was there and not only that. I'm glad he's in my life.

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