May 19, 2006

The Wedding Singer

Don't even bother. Don't waste your time. It's not very good. Strangely and beyond my understanding people are laughing at the jokes and the gags. Somehow it was nominated for 5 Tonys. It must be because mostly everything else that's premiered this year has been pretty lame. That has to be the reason.

To me all the songs in show pretty much sound the same; the jokes are cliche, lame and hackneyed; and the story line is bland. The people in the show are . . . well they are talented. Because no matter how lame the Broadway show, the cast is always extremely talented. But not necessarily well cast if you know what I mean, for example, I can't figure out what Laura Benanti is doing in this show. This is a woman who sings Sondheim for a living. She is way more talented than the show is good. She just doesn't seem to fit the part she's been cast in - the part of Julia Sullivan played by Drew Barrymore in the movie. It's either because she's too old or too angular or too sophisticated or too experienced. I don't know. Something is just not right with this match up. This is a part that probably should have been originated by a bubbly, young and slightly chubby ingenue.

The most awful part in my opinion is when they make Robbie Hart's grandmother rap in the second act. (I threw up a little in my mouth the first time I saw it.) When the original rapping granny did it, it was cute. But the song is so lame and the performance by her co-hort George (the boy George wannabe) is so forced, you have to wonder what TONY was thinking when the show was nominated for Best Musical or Best Original Music. And you have to wonder why these actors are putting their careers at risk? Why do they believe in this show? Why do they want to be associated with it so badly that their willing to pour their hearts and souls into every performance?

Just don't go see it and whatever you do, don't be tempted to buy the cast album which is scheduled for release in a couple of weeks.

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