May 30, 2006

The End Of May

May is ending and right on schedule warm and humid weather has arrived with the Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday was beautiful and busy.

In between the matinee and evening performances of Awake and Sing, the cast, crew and house staff of the Belasco theater had a holiday cookout. I was cordially invited by the woman who organized the event. I guess for other people it could have been fun, but for me it was uncomfortable. Like I've mentioned before, because I work in a different theater every week, I'm more a like an interloper than a part of any group that has bonded by working together on whatever show is playing. And then on top of that, I feel uncomfortable and intimidated by stars. This is why I left after eating a plate of food within 1 foot of Lauren Ambrose. As it happened, I was standing in the only available space in a crowded alleyway and it was near her.

She is a nice person. I overheard a conversation she was having with one of the ushers. I won't tell you what they were discussing. Just trust me when I tell you that both people in the conversation sounded very nice.

I tried having a conversation with one of the ushers. She was young and had a baby with her. I asked her if she was working that night and she replied that she hadn't worked in that theater for four years. I could have sworn she'd been there the whole week. That made me feel a little embarrassed. All this took about 20 minutes. I left to go the library.

On the way, I saw this construction sight at the corner of 42nd and 6th Avenue.
42nd & 6

And then I saw this Bentley randomly parked on 42nd across from the library.
But I guess it wasn't that random. There were a bride and groom in the back seat.

Anyway. The library was closed, so I headed back to the theater.

Sunday, I worked my last show of Awake and Sing and the work week ended with a bang. I handed out 92 headsets. After the show, it took about 15 minutes to get all my headsets back and then 20 minutes to get them ready for the next shift. There was a second person working with me. He was working in the balcony, handing out 15 headsets or so to the patrons all the way at the top of the theater. He could have helped me get out of there after the show but he left me with my hands full. I thought that a very poor display of team work. I was the last person to leave the theater, except for the person who was waiting for me to leave.

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