May 10, 2006

Random Smattering of Stuff and Things

Fit for a Dolphin
Yesterday I used the treadmill at Dolphin Fitness - my new gym - and did some tricep dips.
Because today is a double feature I decided to skip a day but I'll go back tomorrow for some eliptical machine and stomach work.

An Odd Pairing Indeed
Last night I started a new schedule at the Brooks Atkinson theater. They are currently showing The Odd Couple by Neil Simon starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. It's good. I was expecting Matthew Broderick to sleepwalk through the play but he didn't. I'm not going to say he was great but I will say he was good. He chose to give his Felix an annoying voice, which, considering Broderick's natural voice is already annoying, wasn't really necessary -- but he delivers well enough. He doesn't suck. Nathan Lane is the real star of the show. He could act with a box and make the box seem interesting - luckily for Broderick whose good enough performance was a little forced and wooden at times.

The key to performing in any play is energy and Nathan Lane has enough energy to pull the whole cast through the show. It's a good show. I recommend it. It's worth the money. This is good advice indeed considering I don't even like Neil Simon with one exception - this play. The women who play the Pigeon sisters are really fun as well.
Coconut Lime Verbena
Bath and Body Works has a wonderful new family of scent that combines the essences of coconut, lime and verbena. I bought the bubble bath, the hand lotion and the body spray and I smell good enough to eat.

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