May 16, 2006

The Last Exit

Last night, Jon and I joined a couple of friends at The Last Exit in Brooklyn for a comptitive game of trivia. We won first prize which was an envelope of cash. My best contribution of the evening was the name of Dora's monkey from Dora the Explorer. I also knew that John Coltrane recorded a very famous version of My Favorite Things and that there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon. I knew the answers to other questions as well but for those three questions only I knew the answer. It always feels nice when you can contribute something, especially when I'm playing with three people that are way smarter than me.

I learned some things too. For instance did you know that stubbing a toe with an ingrown toenail is one of the more painful things you are likely to suffer in your lifetime? I'm not sure how it compares with labor and giving birth but right now, my big toe is throbbing. It hurt so much I had to wake up (at 5:30) and take care of it. In the little corner where I cut my offending nail too far below the safe point two nights ago, there was a little tiny touch of blood. I put on the NEOSPORIN recommended to me by the pharmacist. Now I'm waiting for the urge to sleep to come back over me.

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