May 19, 2006

Scattered Thunderstorms

During last night's performance of The Wedding Singer, a young woman was laying down on a bench in the mezzanine lounge (where I hang out during the show) because she was sick. She threw up every 20 minutes, retching so loudly they could hear her downstairs in the orchestra section, into a bag that she never emptied. I was happy to see her carrying her vomit bag out of the theater when she left with her friends and family. She was with 8 people and not one of those people, including her mother, thought to get her out of that theater and bring her home. It was a pretty selfish display.
American Idol is almost over as the final two contestants perform one more time on Tuesday night. I predicted that the final two would be Paris Bennett and Taylor Hicks. I was right about Taylor Hicks but Paris was sent home a couple of weeks ago which is really a shame. She was the most talented singer in the bunch but she was also the youngest and I think her youth may have worked against her. She's got a lot of a grownup talent but she's is very young and looks it. I think people may have found that disturbing - people like Simon Cowell who commented every week that she looked like a little girl playing dress-up instead of commenting on her actual talent and performance.

The two finalists are Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. They are equally talented. I like Katharine McPhee but I never quite caught the McPheever. I hope Taylor wins because I like him better.
I cured my infected ingrown toenail. I was really worried on Sunday when I found pus under the painful corner that I trimmed away. And then I got really scared when I stubbed my toe on Monday night and woke up in pain early the next morning. For two days I soaked my toe in salted soapy water and dressed it with Neosporin and a bandage. Like a miracle the infection went away. Now my toe feels just fine. And for now, it seems to be okay. I just wonder what happens when the section I cut away grows back. Hopefully it won't burrow back into my toe pad.

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