August 14, 2010

Other places

So. I've discovered various places where you can latch on to the internet. Right now I'm sitting in the lobby of the Edison Hotel. Whenever I run out of places to go or things to do between shows on Saturdays, I reliably run to the Edison Hotel. It was going smoothly up until 3 seconds ago when an enormous Scottish man sat next to me on my comfy couch. When he sat down, his whole body created a big pull and now I am sitting at a slight angle. Of course, now that there is an open couch his wife and he are absolutely not moving. .  .

so I moved. I guess they prefer to sit across from each other. I can understand that. It is easier to have a conversation that way. Carmen Miranda is playing over the sound system. People are quietly or not so quietly discussing their vacation adventures. The lobby is surrounded by great faux art deco murals.

Another place I discovered you can pick up an internet signal is the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel, by the bar.

The Edison is great for me because it's across the street from In The Heights, which is where I am working today.

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