August 14, 2010

Me and My Netbook

I bought myself a netbook in May. The idea behind buying it - motivating myself to write. Did it work? At first it did, but then I started to get distracted by the Internet. In almost every place I take my netbook, I have found a way to connect to the Internet.

But now, at this moment, I am blogging in a public place (that isn't the Internet cafe) for the only the second time since Thursday night.

Still exciting. The idea that I can access the Internet someplace like McDonald's. The only drawback? Other people. There is a Russian family sittting at the table next to me. They are speaking in only Russian and I don't know if you've ever hear Russian. It's just a cool sounding language. If they were speaking anything other than Russian I would probably be annoyed.

I brought the netbook with me on our trip to Turkey in May. Jon and I went to Istanbul and Goreme. And you know, I completely forgot I have a blog. It never once occurred to me write about our trip the entire time we were there. We had a good time there. Istanbul was pretty amazing. I posted some of the pictures to my Facebook page but I really should take the time to post them on Flickr.

I also brought the netbook on our trip to Lake George and Cortland. Perhaps if I had blogged about our trip to the Corning Glass museum, I wouldn't have accidentally erased every single photo from that trip. Has that ever happened to you? After we got home from that trip, we went to the beach where my mother took several extremely unflattering photos. I went to erase them and instead of erasing one at a time, I selected the ERASE ALL option.

I regret losing the photos from the Corning museum. Some of the art was very inspiring and I am determined now to find a glass making class. Surely, in all of New York City, I will be able to find one.

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