August 13, 2010

Just Another Day

This entry is being written for the purpose of keeping me true to my word. I don't have much to say. It's been so long I forgot how to report on my life. But I'll tell you this.

Jon and I did the laundry together. I hate doing it so much, that I need him there as a crutch in order to get it done. He's really supportive and I totally appreciate that.

How much do you hate doing laundry?

Also, we did have a bit of bad news on this Friday the 13th. Con Edison taped a disconnection notice to our front door. It wasn't because we are not paying our bills. It's some kind of oversight by our landlord. I contacted our landlord and made her aware of the situation. But that was a little bit stressful. Naturally, we have an opportunity to pay the outstanding bill ourself if we need to. And it is absolutely 100% legal for us to deduct that from our rent.

So either way, we won't lose our lights but still. Ack.

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