August 21, 2010

Back at the Edison - yet again

Another Saturday. Another big fat full day of theater. I'm  still working at the Longacre. The show is still good and I continue to enjoy La Cage Aux Folles the more I watch it.

My break was sort of exciting for actor spotting. When I walked into the Edison Cafe, the first person I saw was someone who was originally in 39 Steps, but isn't in the show anymore and wouldn't you know it? I have no idea at all what his name is. I can only describe him as good looking with a rubbery face that he uses to make people laugh really hard.

At another table were sitting two cast members from The Addams Family, Jackie Hoffman, who plays Grandma and Kevin Chamberlain who plays Uncle Fester. Both are tremendous performers and sadly in the case of Kevin Chamberlain - very true. I can't believe how heavy he has gotten. He was never a svelte performer but he has really gotten too big to be considered healthy.  Jackie Hoffman, in my humble opinion, gives the best performance in the Addams Family. Somehow, she manages to get laughs with the most ridiculous bits of dialogue. But then again she's an amazing, amazing perform. She also knows how to contort her face into a million hilarious but never unflattering positions.

She was funny in Hairspray, funnier in Xanadu and now the funniest performer at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater.

You get the idea,

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pull that many shifts for next week - just one to be exact - so my big work rush seems finished for now. I've been pretty lucky the last few weeks. I plan on going to the various theater chains and applying for work as an usher. The work schedule would be similar but there would be more work simply because there are more usher positions per theater other than stagehand positions.

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