December 13, 2007


food1I visited with my nutritionist today and the news was good. In the month since our last appointment, I've lost 5 more pounds.

If anyone is keeping track, I've shed 12 pounds since starting my diet two months ago.

There are several reasons why I'm working with a nutritionist. The obvious reason is that she knows a lot about healthy ways to lose weight. Before seeing her, I never would have been happy with a result like the above because it just doesn't seem like that much, but now I know a weight loss of 1 - 2 pounds per week is healthy.

I am very happy with this result.

The nutritionist I chose is an eating disorder specialist. One of my main concerns is NOT developing an eating disorder and I discuss that with her all the time.

I strongly recommend seeking professional advice if you are planning to lose weight. The support the doctor gives me is soooooo beneficial, beyond what a loved one could give me. It's one thing have someone tell you you look thinner which of course is wonderful. It's another to be able to speak with someone ad nauseum regarding weight loss.

Losing weight is turning out to be more of an em0tional issue than I imagined and she understands that.

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