December 28, 2007

Almost a New Year

The year is almost over and any resolutions that I was going to make coming 2008, I already made in the fall when I turned 40; not that I make resolutions anyway. I believe that if you're planning on making some kind of change in your life, you should do it as soon as possible. If that coincides with the new year then so be it. My changes coincided with my 40th birthday.

I guess what I am saying is that people shouldn't wait until a new year is looming to examine their lives. That should be an ongoing process. You should be asking yourself what you can be doing to be the best-possible-you on some kind of regular basis. And if you're happy with who you are then more power to you.

I realized I needed to lose weight after seeing myself looking hefty in some photos. Of course, I am always aware of my weight and how I look but for some reason, those particular photos told me that I needed to make a change. Forget the new year.

I also decided that this is my 40th year is when I get my driver's license back. Several years ago, I let it lapse. I have a new learner's permit and all that remains is my attendance at one of those five hour courses and of course, the driver's test. That's another promise I made to myself several months back.

For me, these small changes are about regaining control of those parts of my life that I've let slide over the years. I know for a lot of people the new year is a time for reflection. If that's what you need, then so be it. Think about those little changes you can make that will contribute to your general sense of well being.

Okay. Now I can't help it. Now I'm thinking about making new year's resolutions in spite of what I expressed at the top of this post.

What do you think? What are your resolutions going to be? I'd like to know.

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Eric said...

At the top of my list for 2008 is to see you guys again. Happy New Year!