December 07, 2007

America's Most Smartest Model - Episode 9 Recap

There was a double elimination in this episode. Both Rachael and Brett were sent home.Andre, Angela and VJ are the remaining contestants. This upcoming episode - episode 10 - should be the finale and then I'll be free from having to write about this show.

At the Edge Challenge, 5 contestants had to pair up and build a go cart. That's right. 5 people can't be broken up into pairs, so Brett paired up with Pickel in absentia. Andre and Rachael, Vj and Angela made up the other two teams. VJ and Angela were the first to finish their go-carts. Andre and Rachael won the go-cart race. Brett didn't race because he did not complete his project.

Andre and Rachael won advance information about a Jaguar car that they had to show off the next day for the Call Back Challenge.

The Call Back Challenge involved modeling a brand new Jaguar and listing the car's bullet points.

Brett, Rachael and Andre failed miserably while Angela and VJ both went on to win the competition.

You know the rest.