December 18, 2007

Book Signing at Borders in Bridgewater

Jon's book signing
Jon had his first booksigning last night at the Borders in Bridgewater, NJ. It went very well. It was kind of surreal. As Jon read excerpts from his book the crowd grew from 8 people to 12 people and several bought books to get them signed by Jon. The Borders in Bridgewater, NJ sold out of Jon's book as a result. It was pretty cool.

Jon's book signing

I was very proud of Jon. He read two excerpts from his book - the Hall-Mills murder and the story about the Radium girls. The Radium girls were crippled or died from exposure to radiation at the factory where they were employed to paint watch dials. It's a culturally significant case because their law suit helped to establish many labor laws we have now to protect workers from the hazards of their jobs. The Hall-Mills murder is a spectacular murder mystery about the death of a priest and a young girl from his choir. But it is also an early example of police losing control of a crime scene with negative long term results.

I would tell you more but then you wouldn't have a reason to buy Jon's book which you should do of course.


Keeper said...

Congratulations! I would love to buy the book.

T.A.B. said...

When's he doing a signing in NYC so I can actually attend? :)

V said...

we're working on it.

Cowie (female half) said...

He looks like a handsome devil in that suit.