August 07, 2008

In The Heights

This week, I'm back at In The Heights at the Richard Rodgers theater. The show has been out a while, so I wasn't expecting to see any celebrities this week. But I saw a couple of big time celebrities on Tuesday night and one amazing pair of shoes.

John Lithgow - who I just love. He's really talented and he's incredibly hard to miss because he is a very tall man. He looks good for his age but his age is showing. He won a Tony for his lead role in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Funny, funny, show. And of course he was in Third Rock From The Sun, in which everybody remembers him. Speaking with people that night, I pointed out to several of them that John Lithgow was there. When they asked me what he was in, I offered the movie with which I thought they would be most familiar - The World According to Garp. Alas, most people only remembered him from Third Rock. I'm not sure if that's sad or not. But I do know that he deserves remembered for his greater body of work. He's a good actor.

Isabella Rosselini - She's just lovely in person. I saw her on a talk show the other day talking about a project she's done recently where she had herself filmed dressed up like bugs. I'm not sure what the film was about honestly because I was distracted by the fact that she felt like she had to explain to the host and TV land that her mother is Ingrid Bergman. I guess I could let her get away with that because it's possible not everyone follows the famous children of famous people. What was truly amazing is how she explained that her mother was in Casablanca. To me that was completely unnecessary. But she was very nice and unassuming and down to earth and like I said earlier, just lovely. Sure enough, I was working with people who didn't even know who she was when I pointed out to them that she was there.

A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes - I suspect that most people know about this designer and his shoes. The only reason I know about them is because one day I watched Oprah Winfrey give away a pair of his shoes on her talk show. Did she interview him that day? My mind is never fully on these shows when I have them on the boob tube. Usually they just provide background noise when I'm doing other things. But I remember that they are expensive and that the shoes are unique and easily identifiable as Louboutin. All his shoes have bright red soles and incredibly high heels. They are the kind of shoes starlets like to wear on the red carpet because they are very distinctive. The signature red soles came about because Mr. Louboutin ran out of the necessary materials for the bottom of a pair he was making. The rest is history.

Anyway, I saw the shoes on a tall, impossibly thin woman. The heels were four inches high and the bottoms were distinctively red. Somehow she was walking around in those shoes like they were sneakers. Amazing. Actually, I didn't like them because they were made from leather with an animal print. If they had been solid colored I probably would have loved them.

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