August 02, 2008

Cirque Dreams

With all my whining about my cold, I forgot to tell you about the show I'm working on this week. Cirque Dreams is playing at the Broadway Theater. If you've got kids who can sit still for two hours, then definitely take them to see this show. With the exception of the music which is geared towards children, Cirque Dreams is a wonderful experience. If you throw out the cheezy costumes and turn off the sound track, what you have left is a good old fashioned circus.

The acts include contortionists, aerial artists, trapeze artists, clowns, balance artists, etc. And everybody is phenomenal (with the exception of the singer whose maple sweet voice is hard to swallow and meant for children, but even she is well trained singer).

My favorite act is the Froggler - a juggler dressed up like a frog.

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