August 14, 2008

Central Park - Very Hilly

Jon and I rode our bikes in Central Park yesterday. We had to carry our bikes up two flights of steps to the subway platform at 30th Avenue and then up and out of the station at 60th St. and 5th Ave.

I completely forgot how hilly Central Park is and I struggled through the entire 7 mile bike ride. We stopped and rested at this lovely pond at 100th Street on the west side of the park as evidenced by this photograph.

I am feeling the after effects today mostly in my right knee.
I figured a hot shower would set me right, but today the boiler is working in improperly, meaning no hot shower. I just took shower and the water did warm up after five minutes but by then I was already finished. The water wasn't freezing, just a little cool to start. Not the hot shower experience I was seeking.
Tonight, I'm working at Gypsy again. That show is sooooo long. Go see it, but don't go see it that often. If you see it too many times you won't like the show anymore.


Howie said...

well, i guess we'll just have to blame Frederick Law Olmsted for all those hills

AddledWriter said...

i had to google that. oh well.

NJWT said...

I hate that route. The hills just make it not fun, and it's not like you get anywhere cool, which might make up for the effort!
You guys should come up to Westchester where there are trails that are long and flat.... unfortunately some people up here are going to be avoiding trips that bring us too far from home in the near future.... but in the further future, the trail will be there!

T.A.B. said...

You both look exhausted in the photo.

V said...

That's interesting TAB. I thought we looked healthy and happy.

NJWT - We should come up to Westchester to ride. You are correct sir.