March 06, 2008


Three Amigos
Since I made that first pink bunny, I found out that there is a whole community of people making these sock and glove dolls. The name for these dolls - Softies. I haven't officially joined the community but I have made some dolls and I wanted to share them with you. You've already seen my VERY pink bunny which I posted a few days ago. Since then I've made this very sad looking dog out of an old pair of Jon's tube socks.
First DogSad
As you can see from the expression on his face, he knows that he's not quite right. This has to be the ugliest doll in creation. He basically looks like a stuffed sock with sewn-on buttons.

But I did not lose hope. In fact, I bought some new materials and started over again.

Second BunnyI decided to try another bunny. I used a soft, terry cloth, pastel pink pair of gloves. He came out pretty cute, although, I had some trouble with his neck. The bunny is very soft. I'm much happier with his appearance, although his ears are rather lopsided. I embroidered a mouth under his nose, to give him a smiley appearance. It gives the doll a little more personality. It took me a little over an hour yesterday to make him.

Today, I decided to revisit the dog. Instead of a sock, I followed the instructions for how to make a dog out of a glove. I embroidered the face because potentially, I'd like to give the doll to my niece who is still very small and going through that phase where children explore the world with their mouths. Buttons would probably be a choking hazard. Anyway, here it is.

Second DogI'm fairly happy with the result. The arms on all the dolls have been giving me problems. The patterns I'm following show the arms as lying flat against the sides of whatever creature you create, but mine stick out. It could be stuffing, it could be stitching. I'm still trying to work that one out. But I think the face is really cute. And even though it looks like a lamb, I'm still calling it a dog.

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