March 15, 2008

Celebrity Rehab wtih Dr. Drew - Reunion Show

Yesterday VH1 aired the reunion show for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I'll just sum up quickly how each person is doing.

Joanie Laurer (Chyna Doll)
She still denies she's an addict but she does attend therapy. She still drinks. She brought her counselor with her. She's seriously gotten back into fitness.

Brigitte Neilsen
Still sober. Brought her husband with her. She also quit smoking. She gained 45 pounds. She looked happy.

Seth Binzer
Was doing well until he went on tour without his sobriety sponsor and ended up using but feeling incredibly about it. He looked healthier than he did in the first episode of Celebrity Rehab.

Rico Rodriguez
He went to AA 90 days in a row and he's still sober. He still has to deal with the courts. I'm not sure what's happening with his custody issues.

Mary Carey
She quit porn but still does "featured dancing" to earn money. She is taking care of her mother because her mother couldn't get federal assistance. You might recall he mother is quite mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized. She has wine from time to time, but apparently is doing much better in terms of managing her life. She also seemed happy.

Jamie Foxworth
Apparently she smoked pot for a month after getting out of rehab, but she admits to smoking a lot less than she used to. She still smokes it though. She never seemed as out of control as everybody else. She'll be okay.

Jeff Conaway
He takes lots of oxycotton because of his back. He's had four surgeries and claims that he still needs it to manage his pain. Dr. Drew spoke with his neurologists who apparently agreed that Jeff should stop the junk. He'll soon be going in for a fifth operation.

Jessica Sierra
Poor thing had to leave the Sober Living program for some court appearances in Florida. While there she fell hard off the wagon and was almost sent to prison for 10 years. Fortunately Dr. Drew was able to get her into a solid year of rehab by negotiating with the judge in charge of sentencing. But if she gets into trouble with drugs again after that year, she'll have to go to prison.

Daniel Baldwin
He didn't show up. I'm not sure why. Dr. Drew was nice and offered him continuous support and excused his behavior by explaining how difficult a time he was having with his own sobriety. The other rehabbers applauded but you could tell they still have hostile feelings toward Daniel for his inappropriate behavior with Mary.

That's the bones of what I learned about the contestants when I watched the reunion special.

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