November 30, 2007

Dreaming of Food?

I had my first ever (that I can recall) food dream early this morning. I was sitting in front of a plate of waffles covered with syrup trying to decide whether or not I should add powdered sugar or not.

I remembered learning something from reading either or both Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs and/or James Frey's partially true account of drug addiction and recovery, A Million Little Pieces. When people are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, they sometimes have gluttonous dreams about their drug of choice. But in those dreams, they are consuming the alcohol or drug that they kicked in recovery.

Did I have an addiction dream? I never thought of myself as a food addict and I certainly don't have a sweet tooth. If anything, I should have been dreaming about cornichons and Thai cuisine.

It was strange and oddly realistic but at least I woke up before consuming the fictional food. I couldn't decide whether to eat the food or not. And in life, when I can't choose between two things, I'll usually choose neither which is probably why I woke up.

It's a good thing too. I'm so sensitive to weight gain that even dreaming about eating food could put pounds on me. Most likely, it wasn't really an addiction dream. but more a reflection of my fear of becoming obsessed with weight loss.

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Sarah said...

When I was 17 (and not eating very much) I had a dream that I ate an entire bowl of M&Ms. I was in a panic when I woke up because the dream was so real that I was convinced I had actually driven to the supermarket in the middle of the night to buy the candy.

12 years later and I still remember that dream very clearly.