February 18, 2007

Bald Britney

First it was the astronaut who drove across the country in a diaper to stalk and possibly kill her love rival. Then it was the death of the beloved celebrity, but not really a celebrity, Anna Nicole Smith.

What is the lastest in Iraq distracting news?

Britney Spears has shaved her head. It's sad really. Although it is kinda' nice to get a break from all that depressing news about the war in Iraq, it's tragic that we have to watch yet another victim of fame lose it on TV. The same thing kind of happened to Anna Nicole Smith if you think about it. She got crushed by the weight of her own fame. Heck, Britney Spears probably doesn't even understand why she's famous. That would explain that ridiculous reality show she did with K-Fed.

Here's what I'm wondering. How is it possible that she stll has custody of her children? If she were any other mother going out every night of the week with questionable people (Lohan, Hilton), doing drugs, getting tattooed and putting her baby behind the wheel of her car, her parenting skills would be questioned. Why would Mother Nature allow this moron to procreate when more deserving people have to struggle and wait and struggle some more? And more importantly, why aren't the child service protection agencies all over this very public nervous breakdown of this most-likely negligent mother? Because there are different rules for the rich and famous.

Here's another thing that bothers me. In the footage I watched of Britney in that tattoo parlor where she was spotted without hair, she is wearing a huge Star of David around her neck flung backwards. Under the religious charm, I could see a tattoo at the top of her back. Jewish people don't normally get tattoos. If you are a Jewish person that has a tattoo, please don't be insulted by this. But if you identify yourself as even a quasi-religious Jew then you don't get a tattoo. It's just not something you do - you don't even think about it -the thought doesn't even occur to you. If Britney is going to practice Kaballah, Jewish mysticism (which isn't really something you can practice) she should have more respect for Judaism and its followers. I personally find it insulting. And I don't even go to temple every week but I still follow the Jewish faith. I don't have anything against other people non-Jewish people getting tattooed. It's just who I am.

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