February 21, 2007

American Idol - Bored Me To Tears

Last night's episode of American Idol bored me to tears. It was the first time that the 12 men in the final 24 got to perform for viewers at home and with the exception of one competitor, I thought they all pretty much stank last night.

11 out of 12 contestants picked the wrong song. Why can't the producer's just pick the songs for them? Fans are going to watch the show no matter what, so why don't they give those dedicated viewers something enjoyable to listen to.

Who the hell wants to hear an out of tune a cover of Knights In White Satin by the Moody Blues? That song isn't even good when they sing it. Who gives a flying you know what about an out of tune cover of Rock With You by Michael Jackson, a mediocre soft rock balad from the 80's? And when did Careless Whisper by George Michael become an out of tune classic? Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.

Only one contestant stood out last night. Blake Lewis. He sang his good song choice and he sang it well and in tune.

One singer who stood out as sucking so badly that he should go home was Sundance Head but he'll get through. You know why? Because he has that uber-white-guy, slightly trashy bar-room gestalt that's going to bring him many, many votes from the homeland of the mediocre (and by homeland I mean anywhere that people with mediocre taste live on mass).

I really hope the women deliver tonight when they perform. But they won't. The first days of competition on American Idol are always rough.

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