February 24, 2007

23 Skiddoo or Jim Carrey Dreams

Last night, I had an unlikely dream where Jim Carrey called me in crisis because he needed help making a life altering decision. There were many strange details like using a payphone that doesn't work to return his phone call. That detail was kind of cool. I went to use a payphone that only had the zero button and no dial tone. But when I pushed zero, Jim Carrey answered on the other end. That was actually the turning point of the dream, because I had to leave the imaginary apartment complex where Jon and I were living with two strange female roommates and travel to another state in order to meet up with him.

Once I got to him he was clearly distressed and agitated and interested in signing up for classes at some kind of ambulance school. His course selection book had pictures of ambulances on a football field. So I asked him if he was planning on a becoming an ambulance driver. He said no. He pointed to a picture of a guy in a uniform helping an athlete who had been injured in a game. And said he wanted to be that guy. So I asked me if he meant he wanted to be a paramedic and he replied that he was going to be a preparamedic - the guy who gets the patient ready for the paramedic - which made me think he meant like a physician's assistant but he said no.

That led me to my next set of questions which had to do with making sure he was ready to make the 6 month to 1 year commitment required for the training course. What would happen if he was called to make a movie? The thought occurred to me that perhaps he was trying to be more like Andy Kaufman who liked to experiment outside the boundaries of the entertainment world. I asked him if he was indeed trying to be like Andy Kaufman. He replied something to the effect of not wanting to disappoint his father but started to hesitate. But then he got excited again and wanted me to help him pick his classes.

It was another one of those weird dreams, where the subject is someone I used to fantasize about it but then in the end, I dream we are in a platonic relationship. The feeling when I woke up was that we were best friends and very close and like brother and sister.

Weird huh? It could be because of a recent personal disappointment which has the potential to affect other people in my family. I had a conversation with my brother yesterday that absolutely made me feel better. So I'm sure it's totally related to that. But still - Jim Carrey is such a cool guy. I'm glad I was able to have a nice dream about him that wasn't sullied by non-platonic ideas. Even in my dreams, I am in love with my husband and would never do anything to damage my relationship. He was actually in the dream, as my husband, who knew about my friendship with Jim Carrey.

That's love. When your romantic partner ends up in your dreams as your romantic partner, you know you've made the right decision.

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