November 26, 2008

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch . . .

We arrived late Monday night after a spectacularly long day of travel about which I have no right to complain. But it was a long, long day.

Our connecting flight from London was great because we had a row of five seats to ourselves.

Anyway, we're back and it's 5 in the morning and I've been up for an hour. I'm obsessed with getting every single last one of our vacation photos uploaded to Shutterfly, so I can share our pictures with my in-laws later today when we get up to Cortland.

Did I mention we are going upstate for the holiday weekend? We are leaving the house at 6 am, so we can be at our bus at 6:30 - a full hour before departure. We were advised that today is a big travel day and that the buses would be crowded. Hopefully, an hour will be enough time to get us on that early bus.

It's taken me hours to get the photos loaded - all 818 of them, but I'm almost finished.

I tried loading them up to Flickr, but Flickr kept telling me that my photos weren't loading and I kept having to reload my batches, so I only got so far. Eventually I'll get the photos onto my Flickr page but that's going to involve some more serious editing than I was capable of doing on Tuesday.

Anyway, I'll post some pictures as soon as I can. There are some really great shots and then there are some really incredibly average touristy shots.

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