November 05, 2008

Atlantic City

Jon and I went to Atlantic City this past weekend. We found a great deal at Resorts Int'l. When we got there we signed up for a TRUMP ONE card and each received a free night's stay at the Taj Mahal for doing so. I also signed up for a comp card at Resorts.

I did not know about these comp cards. I told some ushers at the Barrymore theater where I was working last week that I was going to Atlantic City and they taught me a lot. You see, this trip was only my third one there, so I have a lot to learn. Apparently, when you sign up for a comp card, you get all sorts of offers in the mail from the hotel/casinos enticing you to come down. They also told me that they serve free booze and other drinks while you are gambling. This might seem like something I should have know - but I had no idea. Sunday night, I had two free apple martinis that practically knocked me out. They were good. Monday night, I drank free soda and water.

I played the slot machines. I LOVE SLOT MACHINES. Oh my gosh!! They are so much fun. Well. They were so much fun on Monday night when I won back the money I lost on Sunday night and then some. Did you know there were slot machines that offer bonuses if you get the right combinations of stuff and junk. So, I played this one slot machine where I got 100 free spins and ended up winning oodles of money as a result.

I still don't have the guts to play Black Jack even though we found $5.00 tables at the Showboat hotel and casino on Monday night. I'm pretty good at Black Jack but I still feel a little intimidated. Next time, I'm going to play Black Jack.

The other thing we discovered were the outlet stores. There were stores selling clothes at deep, deep discounts and by deep I mean 70%. That is probably the most fun I've ever had buying clothes.


We had a great time. We took the 8:30 bus back up on Tuesday morning and I was sad to say good bye to Atlantic City.

Why didn't anyone ever tell me before how much fun drinking and gambling could be? I spent so much of my life being a goody two shoes. But that's it. I'm cutting loose now.

I've made a decision to have as much fun as I possibly can.


JenX67 said...

that's funny - hate spending money but love playing slots. I am so with you on that. we have Indian casinos in Oklahoma. When I get worn out from kids 24/7 and hubby being in school and working practically 24/7, i hire a sitter and take me lonely self to the smokey casino. I play penny slots and drink free soda. it is the therapy i need - and can afford.

Ro said...

AC is lots of fun! T.A.B and I had a great time when we went in September.

I'm glad you had fun.