October 14, 2008

Who Wants to be a Millionaire - 2nd Audition

I woke up early this morning so I could get to my 10:15 am audition on time. When I got there I stood on line for an hour. While I was standing on line, I started imagining what it would be like to touch the big hair of the woman standing in front of me. I could see myself reaching out and patting it like a fluffy fur coat but I resisted the temptation.

Standing on line, I heard several conversations. There were some women talking about their families and their home towns. And then there were three whackadoo guys talking about the weirdest shit. The weirdest of them all was wearing a dirty old blazer covered with his dandruff and he sounded like a complete nut. Guess who I ended up sitting next to in the studio. That's right. Dandruff guy. That's right. He's pretty bright but like many super bright people, his social skills are severely lacking.

Today was his 60th time auditioning. He's passed the Millionaire test 23 times including today but still hasn't made past the interview stage. Hmmmmmm. Could be the dandruff. He was nice enough - just severely lacking in the social filter department.

I did not pass the test. Again. But I sat through three shows full of contestants who could not have possibly done better than me on the test. It was very frustrating to watch people blow big bucks on easy questions. Jon was with me and I feel bad that I dragged him along. Not only did I not pass the test but the three tapings took WAY longer than I thought they would.

My tickets called for the audition at 10:30 and for the tapings to begin at 11:30. The test was administered at 11:10 and the tapings didn't begin until noon. We stopped taping at 3. That was a lot of sitting around but they get you to do it by announcing who passed the test during the third taping. Actually, I didn't find out that I didn't pass the test until the last commercial break of the third show.

My butt still hurts from sitting.


JenX67 said...

I love how your Etsy sock monsters are sitting on a New York City apartment window sill. I'm going to do some holiday posts for shopping and will include your stuff. I'm going to only buy handmade for Christmas - from Gen Xers. hahahahaha

JenX67 said...

I saw on your etsy site you'd consider special orders. I'd like three sock monsters - one for each of my kids - for Halloween. How much? Sully's nickname is Sully Monster. Bridgy is the Super Bridgy and Juliette - we call her Ju or Juliette. She's dramatic and sweet. Does that give you some ideas. Is Halloween pushing your schedule?

oldmanneill said...

i was at a blogger/podcaster convention this weekend. i think i saw dandruff guy there! he was talking to halitosis girl.

AddledWriter said...

I love Greenie. Great colors!!!

JenX67 said...

halitosis girl...that's funny.and kind of ick-o

JenX67 said...

Thx for the response! I just thought of your monsters b/c my daughter just walked up to me donning wax lips that look like the little Vexillia dudes. I'll be buying some for Christmas. They are so lovable and strike such a great pose on the NYC windowsill. Anyway, your profile at Etsy says you do custom orders, otherwise I woudl have never bugged. My sister has an ebay business making handmade stuff and requests for custom stuff totally annoy her!