October 28, 2008

Central Casting

Central Casting now has an office in New York City. I registered with them today. I am non-union. We'll see if I can get any work. I'm kind of sort of doubtful. Several people referred to me as ma'am which I found distancing and made me feel old.

I arrived 20 minutes early which worked to my advantage. I was in the first group of four to be register. It also helped that I had already filled out my paperwork.

Three out of four of my group had headshots. I was not one of them. Also, I dressed in office attire because those are the best clothes I have. The two other women in the room were wearing dresses and they were younger than me. One was short and fat. The other was tall and lean and showing lots of cleavage.

We all had our photos taken. I went last to see what the other people did. The girl showing the cleavage managed to get one more shot than the rest of us.

I left feeling that I would never get called.

We'll see.


Walt said...

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JenX67 said...

Today, I looked in the mirror after giving my 41 year old face a facial, and said, "I don't look any better. In fact nothing I do is making me look better." At least you got up and went. Besides, anyone can have cleavage. It's for sale. It's what you can't buy that they really want. I think.