September 03, 2008


September is here, which means back to school for everybody who has children. That is not us yet, but hopefully will be one day.

As a kid, September used to fill me with dread. Not that I hated school. I loved school actually. But I was terrified of other children. I was never one of those kids who looked forward to going back to school and seeing all her friends. At some point in high school, I finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin, but to this day I get that sinking feeling in my stomach when the calendar pages change from August to September. A lot of that has to do with having been bullied. I never quite learned how to NOT get bullied.

Anyway. September is here and it's my birthday month. In a little more than a week, I will be celebrating end of my 41st year on this planet. You may remember how non-chalant I was about turning 40. 41 is really bothering me. 41 is making me feel old. Blah.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day out of our apartment because the building shut down our water to work on the pipes. Yes. That meant no toilets. So I made plans to be out of the house all day. First I went to see my doctor because of a problem with my hip which turns out is a result of all the new exercise I've been doing this past year on my bike. Then Jon and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We saw the special Turner exhibit and the Koons sculptures on the roof.

When Jon had to go to work, I decided to treat myself to Hamlet 2 which I saw at the AMC theater on 42nd Street. That was a super fun movie.

I took myself to dinner at Red Lobster (an idea put into my head by Hamlet 2) and had a salad which was neither diet friendly or delicious. I'm kind of sorry I went to Red Lobster for dinner actually.

I finished the day by working a shift at Xanadu where I saw Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano, Mario Cantone and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I took a chance and spoke to Elisabeth Hasselbeck who as it turns out is really, really nice. I was so happy I spoke with her. At the end of the conversation, she shook my hand and introduced me to her husband. She was friendly, warm and down to earth.

I told an usher that I had met her and she was surprised to hear how nice she was. This person had assumed that she was a BI**H simply because she is a Republican. How narrow minded is that??!! Republicans are people too!! And I'm always impressed with Hasselbeck when she holds her own against Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters. Can you imagine standing up to Barbara Walters?!?!? Especially as such a young woman? I may not agree with everything she believes but I sure do admire her. Talking to her was the highlight of my day.

When I got home last night, my toilet was in constant flush mode. But the super came up and fixed a washer that had gotten ruined when the contractors fixed the pipes.

It was A+ day!!


T.A.B. said...

If you're going to cheat on a diet, please do better than Red Lobster.

Happy early birthday!

Sarah said...

Who is Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

September means 'back to school' for teachers as well...:)

'Rock Me Sexy Jesus' was funny. But not as funny as 'Tropic Thunder' -- which I just may have to see again :)

Walt said...

You must be living good, you look ten years younger than your age. So don't worry, or let it bother you. Enjoy your birthday!

JenX67 said...

cool information about elisabeth. what is xanadu? a restaurant?

V said...

Xanadu is a Broadway show.