September 30, 2008

Looking for Work

I've come to the point where I am bored witless with my job on Broadway. But not only am I bored with it, it's making incredibly nervous.

For example tonight, I am working at August Osage County. It starts at 7:30 which means people will be coming to get headsets at 8:oo after the show has started. People always come late to a show with an unusual start time. Not only that, it's a play that attracts old people. Actually, all long and drawn out plays attract older people. So, theyll be a large demand for my headset product.

I've done busy shows before but they always make me nervous. It's the possiblities of confrontations that make me more nervous than anything. More demand means more people to argue about leaving their licenses behind in place of headsets. Some older people are convinced that leaving your license anywhere automatically leads to identity theft. If they thought it through, they would figure out that the theaters where I work could find me if they thought I was guilty of a crime.

Anyway, I am now interested in finding a new job. But who is going to hire me? I've been out of the full-time, day time workaday world for so long, I'm afraid I've become completely unhirable.

I had enough problems finding the last two office jobs I had.

I was so obsessed with finding a new job this morning, that I was up at 5:30 reconfiguring my NY Times/ profile.



JenX67 said...

It'll work out. And, the holidays are coming. Maybe the ETSY sales will pick up.

Howie said...

"you want a headset; please give me your license." no license; no headset. i am not interested in your personal information and i am not going to give it out. if you want a headset, hand me your license and i will give it back to you when you return the headset. these are the house rules."

V said...

Yeah. Easier said than done.

AddledWriter said...

Hang in there. Don't take it personally.

These aren't the best times to be job searching, so try to keep doing a good job until you find a new one. It's still more interesting than working at Wendy's or Target, right?