February 26, 2008

Super Fine Day

I had two productive days yesterday and today. One day was socially productive and the other was housework productive.

Yesterday, I had two friends over. One friend came over while the sun was out. Together we prepared some food and hung out until the sun went down. It was really nice time spent with a really good friend. Then last night, my friend and neighbor joined me for the Oscars. Jon came home from work about hour or so later. Basically I wasn't alone the whole day. I can't remember the last time I've spent whole a day exclusively with friends and loved ones. Even on days that I visit with family it's for five hours at the most.

Excellent day. Excellent day.

Today. Well. Today was laundry day. Jon and I were in and out of the laundromat in an hour. And we spent $16.00 total doing it ourselves. The cost to have had it done would have been at least $36 or $37. But I did end up spending over an hour folding it at home. The cool part about that is I was able to watch some mind numbingly entertaining television. Have you ever watched Judge Joe Brown? He's like the Shaft of TV judges. Very cool. Very laid back. Very entertaining. I also watched 10 minutes of Ellen after which my mind went blank. But at the end of that hour or of television watching, my laundry was folded.

Today was an excellent food day. My weight dropped a few more pounds, so I decided to eat something naughty. I ordered a wrap with french fries. Our local diner makes this Mexican style chicken wrap with avocado and salsa and it's deliciously sinful. It's also extremely filling. I'm still full from my 4pm lunch. I haven't eaten dinner. Tomorrow, I'll get back on track.

And tonight, Jon and I watched next week's episode of The Wire, which is in its last season. HBO on Demand has this nice feature where you can watch some of their shows in advance. We've been taking full advantage of this for The Wire. It's an excellent show. Consistently, the writing is great, the acting is brilliant and the cinematography is meaningful.

I would write about it but I wouldn't know where to begin. The show is so intricately tied to everything that's happened in the past, I'd have to begin with the first season to bring you up to speed on this one. The show has everything - witty dialogue, sophisticated cultural references, gritty realism - and the people making the show leave a piece of themselves in every episode.

That pretty much brings me up to date. Maybe if I'm feeling frisky tomorrow, I'll tell you about working at the Walter Kerr Theater for the last two weeks of A Bronx Tale, which closed yesterday.

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