January 10, 2007

Who's My Little Monkey?

I worked at the Drowsy Chaperone for two weeks - the last week of 2006 and the first week of 2007. One of the lower lying themes in the Drowsy Chaperone has to do with monkeys. At the souvinir stand, a monkey wearing a t-shirt that says "Who's my little monkey" is available for the low, low, low price of $20.00. For the first week I worked there, J.M. (the woman working the stand)was selling the standard dark brown monkey pictured to the right. And every time I looked it I thought that it was cute but it was missing something.

Well into the middle of the second week I was working there, J.M. started running out of the dark brown monkeys and had to put out the light brown terry cloth monkeys discontinued months ago. That is what was missing. The dark brown monkeys were dark and plush but the light brown monkeys were happy and terry cloth. Much cooler.

I don't have any photos of the monkey yet - they are forthcoming. Jon and I have made a nice home for him. He likes to read with us in bed and he enjoys watching the occassional game of Lingo on the Gameshow Network. We named him MONKEY.

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