January 16, 2007

Fall Into The Gap

If you remember the above advertising campaign, then you probably remember when The Gap made comfortable jeans that everybody could wear. But like any business it's grown over the years and had become an important part of the fashion industry. Mostly, they sell comfortable casual clothes for men, women and children.

I was surprised however when I went to their website today and found this picture of an emaciated woman on their front page.
gap model
I know that there are some of you that are looking at the above woman with the thought that she is hot, sexy, or desirable. Maybe she is to you. But when I see her, I see a woman who is putting her life in danger for the sake of maintaining an ideal that can't be maintained without long term damage to her body.

The woman pictured above is WAY too thin. I mean you can see her shoulder bones poking through the shirt.

I'm disappointed because GAP is an American institution like Levi's or Nathan's hot dogs. When they picture a model this thin in their advertising they are sending a message to hundreds and thousands of women, teen girls and children that to be this thin is okay.

There should be more intervention when it comes to featuring emaciated women like the above.

There should be a minimum size requirement based on height. The woman above could gain 10 pounds still look thin and be healthier. But instead she looks like a Holocaust survivor in a pretty outfit. She even has that dull starving to death look in her eye.

Not fashionable.


Anonymous said...

are you kidding? emaciated? you need to get out...

V said...

Are you kidding? She's clearly too thin.

Mike said...

You clearly do not understand the concept of body types. This model is by no means emaciated. Go look up emaciated under google images. This picture is a healthy weight -- for the model herself. Make your considerations for individuals, not on a generalization on what a healthy weight is for all people.

V said...

spoken like a true man.

Anonymous said...

What if she is naturally thin like that??? I hate how people just stereotype models by thinking they are anorexic or something.