May 29, 2012

Black Swan

We've been having a relaxing time and the nightmare of last week is well behind us. Jon is riding my uncle's bicycle along the river path, Max is napping upstairs and I'm watching Black Swan dubbed in French. It's the middle of the movie and Natalie Portman is starting to crack under the pressure of having ot dance the lead. I always forget what a good movie this is.

Here is a picture of Max playing in the grass in my cousin's backyard.

Living in the city, Max never really gets to play in grass. But here he is a country baby. I'm going to have to find a patch of grass for Max to crawl around in when we get home. There's a nice one about a mile and change from our house but hopefully I'll find one closer.

It's the point in the movie where Natalie Portman is finally performing in Swan Lake. It's the intermission and she's just had a fight with herself or so she thinks. Fantastic ending to a fantastic movie.

Today, I am going shopping with my aunt. Sunday here is France's version of Mother's Day. And the women in my family are celebrating. I want to get a present for my mother and my grandmother.

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Tongue Trip said...

Max is beautiful.
After the movie, the hours,the black swan is a favourite now. It lingers on, the splendid kunis, portman and Vincent :-)