September 23, 2009

September - Fall Has Fallen

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. I don't apologize. There's no need. I don't even think I have readers anymore.

In case you still check back here from time to time, I'll provide you with a little update.

The summer was slow for me, regarding work. This allowed me to work a lot in the garden, go bike riding, play with the Wii, hone my cooking skills and get some things into order.

I finally pulled out the clothing that I need to get rid of and found a charity that I like. There is a veteran's organization that collects clothing for soldier families. And they'll pick up the clothes from our curbside. I like any organization that helps out veterans and their families. Unfortunately, I can not donate my toys because they are not properly labeled according to new regulations set up by the government. The same regulations led me to stop selling my dolls altogether, until I can figure out how I can comply with the new regulations.

I've pretty much stopped making my sock monsters. I've got so many now. So much effort and love went into making them I don't have the heart to throw them away or to even give them away. If this sounds like hoarding behavior, then you are correct. I used to hold on to things forever (like my old clothes), but I now know how to get rid of things. Hoarding is a very hard habit to break and easy to fall back into if I don't pay attention.

I discovered a new show about hoarders, called Hoarders. I've only seen one episode but it will easily become a guilty pleasure once I start recording it. Watching the show reminded me how I used to like to hold on to things. But now clutter drives me crazy. I'm always reorganizing our space so it appears less cluttered.

I started a project on Flickr. I'm posting a photograph of myself every day for 365 days, starting with my birthday. Technically, it's supposed to be a self portrait every day. The first one, Jon took and there's another one in there as well. But I'll try my best to adhere to that rule.

Gardening has been very entertaining although not always satisfying. While there is satisfaction in staring at a bed that has just been weeded and the soil has been turned, that satisfaction is easily erased when the weeds grow back. Jalapeno pepper plants are prolific producers. I have to keep giving them away. The same can not be said for my tomato plants which are not producing well at all. Forget the cubanelle peppers. Those hardly came in at all.

My flowers are doing well. And the little rose plant that was near death at the beginning of the summer is now thriving in its new location. I enjoy mowing the lawn with our little non-motorized push mower. And I get a strange satisfaction out of sweeping up leaves.

Our new apartment is a vast improvement over our last one. We get along great with our neighbors. And living near Astoria Park is more lovely that I thought it would be. I was expecting lots of noise from raucous kids but I was wrong.

So. If you still read this blog and actually care about the mundane details of my life, hopefully this update will suffice. Perhaps I'll start posting one post for every picture to match my Flickr project.


Matthew said...

Great post! I've seen the hoarders show, its super sad.

Your new place is really great. Kids had lots of fun, we should do it again soon!

Howie said...

hey, i am a fan

AddledWriter said...

I am a fan too. I think this was a sweet post. Sounds like you are happy.